14th of March 2017, 20:00
Serrafiorita Meeting – Room Mimosa
Via Pian Scairolo 2 – Pambio Noranco (bus n. 1)

Free entry for members, extern participants CHF 5
Presented by Margherita Fiore
«When charity is a risk, that’s the time for charity!»


An old priest in retirement assists unbelievable to the dismantlement of the church to which he has devoted almost all his life, because the building no longer serves the purposes of clergy. The priest fled desperate in the sacristy. During the night, a storm was brewing when a group of immigrants knocked at the door and asked for shelter in the church, by that point deconsecrated. They use what they found to put up makeshift lodgings. Since they are immigrants, soon thereafter the representatives of the law arrived. Some helped them, others run away and still others fought. From that moment on, where everything seems near to dissolution, began the resurrection of a new spirit of the ministerial mission. No more a church where liturgical ceremonies are celebrated and gold objects are paraded but the house of God where the destitute and miserable can find shelter. It begins a time in which the humanity is asked to change and be righteous.

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